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  • Landscaping & Maintenance


Beautiful, relevant and unfussy. We carefully choose fresh plantings that reflect your aesthetic and flourish in your particular environment. We consider watering needs, maintenance requirements, seasonality, and of course your pets, to create a beautiful and functional landscape. Properly installed irrigation and thoughtful drainage translate to durability and longevity.


Patios, pathways, and pergolas offer the perfect frame for your outdoor space. Updated fencing, like our signature horizontal fence, can add privacy and help secure little ones, while offering a contemporary perimeter to your property. The addition of proper lighting creates a vibe and ties it all together. Elements such as a water feature or natural stone fire pit take your outdoor space to the next level.

Maintenance & Cleanup

Let us do the heavy lifting. Whether you need ongoing maintenance or seasonal clean-up, we provide superior care for your residential or commercial property. Proper pruning is essential to maintain the vitality of your plants and trees. Should disease or pests appear we move quickly to restore your landscape to robust health. Trust that, with us, you have knowledgeable help to keep your landscape thriving and looking its best year round.

AboutDedicated to Quality

After working more than ten years with the premier landscapers and stone masons of the Ojai Valley and Central Coast I acquired the knowledge, skills and techniques to establish my own landscape design business. Today, I create outdoor spaces that consider my clients’ wants, needs, lifestyle and budget together with what the property naturally offers. I provide craftsmanship that produces an outdoor environment that we are both proud of. I look forward to meeting with you.

What we do Our services


Complete Landscape Design

We work with you to create a complete design for every aspect of your outdoor space.

Installation & Maintenance

We have the skills to install all aspects of our design and upon completion, ongoing upkeep to ensure your landscape continues to thrive.

Plantings & Tree Installation

The right plants selected for your specific needs and planted with care so your landscape flourishes. We are knowledgeable of both native and non-native species.

Irrigation & Drainage

Proper irrigation and drainage is essential for protecting your plants and structures. We endeavor to be water-wise.


Expertly crafted stone installations add timeless beauty to your design. We create walls, stairways, planters, dry creek beds, flagstone paths and stunning, functional patios.

Patios & Pathways

Meticulously implemented pavers, decomposed granite, and gravel pathways and patios provide the lasting framework for embellishments.

Special Features

Water features, firepits, outdoor lighting, and more that take your design to the next level.

Erosion Control

Retaining walls and other erosion control components are expertly implemented to protect your property.

Fencing, Decks & Pergolas

Built right the first time with quality materials and attention to detail. Our signature horizontal fencing adds a fresh, contemporary perimeter.


A cost effective way to give your landscape a clean, finished look while benefiting the health of your soil and plants. Mulching retains moisture in your soil, suppresses weeds and naturally decomposes.

Water-wise Landscaping

Drought-tolerant and low-maintenance landscapes are mindful of water use without sacrificing beauty.

Seasonal Cleanup

Does your outdoor space need a spruce up in spring or a facelift in fall or a spurce up in the spring? Give us a call!

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